Annual party

Looking back on the past, we are fruitful and full of enthusiasm; Firm now, we are full of confidence and passion; Looking forward to the future, we are full of vitality and high morale. In order to show the good outlook of kahn company’s rapid change and vigorous development, enhance friendship and enhance cohesion, the annual sports events of basketball, badminton, billiards and table tennis were held in the company on January 26, 2022, which was successfully concluded with the active participation of all departments.

On the evening of January 26, 2022,all the colleagues and leaders of our company were gathering at the hotel named small family feast to celebrate the development and progress of the company. so as to express the company’s concern and greetings to all employees, commend a group of excellent employees and staff, and create a festive and active atmosphere Enhance your communication and exchange, and thank you for your hard work and silent efforts over the past year.

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The annual meeting kicked off in the wonderful and sincere New Year’s dedication of Mrs Janice, the general manager of the company. Mrs Janice reviewed the company’s 2021 year and hoped that all employees in 2022 would work together to achieve the company’s goals in 2021, and send sincere New Year greetings to all colleagues at the same time.

In the past year, the company’s performance has improved by leaps and bounds and the number of employees has increased rapidly, which are inseparable from the joint efforts and efforts of the company’s management team and all employees. The host enthusiastically read out the list of winners of “excellent employees”, “excellent employees”, “excellent newcomers” and “evergreen” in 2021. With excitement and excitement, 20 winners stepped onto the podium in three rounds to receive the awards from the leaders of the company. The leaders of the company issued honorary certificates and bonuses to each winner.

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Next, there was a happy dinner and a lucky draw. During the dinner, everyone raised glasses, wished each other and drank happily. The atmosphere was very warm. 30 minutes after the meal, the lucky draw that we most expected began. T Then many awards were announced one by one, which constantly set off a climax of the annual meeting. Laughter, applause and cheers fluctuated in the whole ceremony from time to time.

Shaoxing City Kahn Trade Co.,ltd conference was successfully concluded in a warm, warm and happy atmosphere. We spent an unforgettable night together with laughter. I sincerely wish Shaoxing City Kahn Trade Co.,ltd a brighter and better tomorrow and more brilliant undertakings in 2016. Let’s work together to create more miracles!

Post time: Feb-14-2022

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