Cotton Twill

  • Customized design cotton twill print fabric for garment

    Customized design cotton twill print fabric for garment

    The cotton twill fabric made of organic cotton raw materials is one of the indispensable materials for the production of clothing. The 150GSM we use is a very classic weight in cotton twill, and their soft feel and good gloss are very suitable for use. For making children’s clothing, women’s dresses or trousers. Usually the width of the twill fabric we use to make clothing is 147CM. Because of the cotton material, the cotton twill fabric has very good moisture absorption and air permeability. At the same time, the surface of the twill cotton fabric is relatively plump, so it is usually washed with water. Cotton twill fabric will not shrink. In addition, twill cotton has higher density than plain weave, high yarn consumption and good wear resistance, so it is deeply loved by people. The twill weave fabric is also thicker than the plain weave, and the three-dimensional texture of the tissue is stronger than that of the plain weave. Looks more classy

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